You Can't Afford Not to Call Our Lincoln Plumbing Team

broken water heater requires repair from our Lincoln CA plumbing teamThere are hundreds of reasons to call in a professional plumber, from emergencies like broken pipes to scheduling a new water heater replacement. Our Lincoln plumbing company is the go to expert service for any situation.

Our contractors are the best in the business. We've been doing installation and repair work for longer than most other companies have been in business. All of our residential contractors are fully licensed and insured as well as having thousands of hours of practical experience. Our Master plumbers all have even more experience still. With that type of experience, our plumbers know what they're doing and the best way to get your system back up and running quickly and safely.

It doesn't matter when you need us, we're here 24 hours a day. We've been offering 24 hour emergency service in Lincoln for almost 10 years now. One call and we'll dispatch a contractor to your location, usually within the hour. For major emergencies, like line breaks, our staff can walk you through how to shut down the water supply and stop the damage. We'll ask you some standard questions and patch the answers through to our service provider while in route so he doesn't waste any time diagnosing the problem once he gets there.

Our Plumbers in Lincoln Go Beyond Emergency Repair Service

Plumber in Lincoln California replaces a compression valve on a bathroom sinkEven though our Lincoln plumbing contractors do emergency repair work, that's not why we went into business. From the first day we picked up our pipe wrenches we vowed to be the best preventative maintenance providers in the State of California. We would much rather fix your system before it breaks down than have to ride in to the rescue when the damage has already been done. Hopefully you're checking in on us because you are thinking ahead, but if you're not and we have to take care of one of your emergencies, our techs will make sure you know about our yearly maintenance plans.

Our maintenance plans cover the entire plumbing system in your home. That means we come in and inspect every inch of your system from the point that the water enters from the city pipeline to the last leg of the lateral drain line. This includes every faucet, every toilet, every shower head and every appliance. We even do a full water heater inspection. We'll give you a full report and suggestions on how to avoid future problems and improve your current water usage to lower your energy bills.

Why Wait? Call Us Today!

plumber at a desk waits for your phone callThe only thing standing between you and the best plumbing services of your life is just one little phone call. As soon as you pick up the phone, you'll be glad you did. Our friendly operators will work quickly to understand your problems, so we can get the right people and equipment on the way.

We honestly believe that our operators are some of the finest in the Sacramento area, which is why customers keep calling us for service, years after their first time. But don't take our word for it. Call today and see for yourself!

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"Called in last minute to get my water heater fixed.  They were fast and did a fantastic job!"

                                             - Bob S, Lincoln CA